Welcome to the website of Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA). CSPWA is the peak body representing and advocating on behalf of those parents who choose a Catholic education for their children in Western Australia.  Formal recognition and support of the role as a peak body from the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia was warmly received in 2021.


CSPWA is a reputable, not-for-profit and non-party political organisation funded by parents and the State Government, with a strong track record in social and political action and whose voice is genuinely sought around issues regarding, but not limited to, school funding and other conversations that matter. CSPWA has given parents a trusted voice in education (including policy development and review), since 1954 and our advocacy ensures that parents continue to have the ability to choose the school which best meets their children’s needs. CSPWA also support and promote the good positive contribution of families while encouraging them as the base unit of our Catholic communities and advocating for their needs and aspirations regarding their children’s learning and wellbeing.


In an increasingly secular society, CSPWA through ongoing engagement with both State and Federal governments are proactive in seeking the allocation of realistic levels of public funding which will ensure the existence and financial accessibility of Catholic schools into the future, to families from all socio-economic groups, in particular the vulnerable and marginalised. CSPWA work with parents, education stakeholders and government to bring about inclusive education reform and to develop policy, practice, programs, leadership and partnerships in schooling and learning. Our work has contributed to the improvement of educational outcomes for children and young people and the intellectual and social capital of school communities throughout Western Australia and beyond.


In supporting parents and families in Catholic schools, CSPWA also offer a support service which enables P&Fs, School Advisory Councils, and Leadership teams in Catholic schools to contribute in a positive and practical way to their school communities. We encourage and assist in the development of trusting and collaborative relationships between all members of the school community, which contribute to the wellbeing of all.

The work that CSPWA commits itself to on behalf of parents not only advantages our entire parent community but in fact adds significant strength to the Catholic education system in WA.