While advocacy at the state and national levels on big picture issues is important, in many ways it is even more important that we continue to support and advocate for parents and their children at the school level.  To accomplish this, we work in partnership with parents and school leadership and teachers to find solutions and create cohesive and respectful communities.

We support school communities by providing:

School Visits - we are very happy to come to your school and chat about what CSPWA has to offer, listen to the opinions of parents on various topics and help to provide solutions to any governance issues.  Please contact our Liaison Officer, Nicole Beresford by email, [email protected] or ring 9338 9987.

A listening ear - sometimes there is a need for an independent person to help to resolve the small issues that get in the way of positive school and community relationships. Both Siobhan and Nicole are great at listening to all the concerns and finding the way forward.

Skills Presentations - we are able to facilitate presentations and workshops to help you as active parents in your school further develop your skills. We are also in contact with many great speakers so please contact us as we may be able to assist. 

Awards of Excellence - held each year, these awards help to recognise the fantastic contributions of parents, parent groups, principals and parishes in building positive Catholic school communities.