Meetings and Submissions

An important aspect of CSPWA’s work is to advocate on behalf of parents whose children attend Catholic schools across the State of Western Australia.  We do this with the interests of parents and their children at the forefront of our deliberations.

Issues that we address include –

  • the continuation of fair and equitable funding for students in our schools from both state and federal governments.

  • fair and equitable funding and resources for students with disabilities in our schools

  • promoting of the importance of parental engagement in children’s learning, at home and school, which has been proven to have a significant bearing on learning outcomes and children’s well being

  • road safety around our schools and for our children

CSPWA are regularly invited to provide responses to Catholic Education Commission discussion papers, policy development and revision, and are also invited to join working parties and reference groups with a view to provide the parent perspective in these forums.

As the opportunity arises, we provide our perspectives to other agencies for inclusion in their submissions to both state and federal government- in particular with Catholic School Parents Australia, the national body representing those parents who choose a Catholic education for their children across Australia. To view our recent submissions, please click here. To view our recent media releases, please click here.