Community Grants


CSPWA staff often get enquiries from P&F's seeking information about grants to assist with larger scale projects at their schools.

The Western Australian Government has an online "Community Grants Directory" which may be useful for parent groups. You can search via key words or via catergory, for example "education" or "sport and recreation". We suggest that you might have more success finding a suitable grant if you keep your search parameters wider. Searching for specific terms like "Nature Playground" will usually not lead you to a specific grant unfortunately.

To have a look at the site, please see:

We have also come across The Grants Hub, which has over 1,800 grants listed from government, businesses, philanthropic sources, private donors, trusts, and more. You can sign up to The Grants Hub for a free 14 day trial, however after that you must pay a membership, which ranges from $29-$89 a month. For more information please see:

The Fundraising Whisperer has recently partnered with Grant'd, and now has a ‘Grants Space’ section in their newsletter. If you subscribe here you will be notified of relevant grant opportunities for schools in each of their enewsletters. To have a look at the Grants Space page, please see:

If you are able to find a suitable grant, but you require an incorporated organisation to receive it on your behalf, please phone our office on 9338 9985 to talk to us about how CSPWA may be able to auspice the grant for you.

We would also love for you to share with us any tips and success stories you have with your grant applications. Please email [email protected]