Catholic School Parents WA has recently developed a new brochure you might find useful to have available at any upcoming welcoming and/or orientation events for fellow parents. The below brochure is a welcoming resource for parents and gives an overview of school gospel values, feast days and sacraments. 


Welcome to your Catholic School Community

Catholic School Parents WA have also created a brochure that highlights the important role that parents play in the Catholic School community. It is written for parents by parents and may be viewed alongside the school's Code of Conduct. The resource may compliment any other documents that are provided to parents at school welcoming or orientation events.

Parents as Partners - The values we share

Parents and Schools Working Together

Click HERE to read the joint statement from the three national parent groups on how we can foster and support good communication and collaboration, for the benefit of everyone invested in children’s education.

Catholic School Parents WA have also developed a "Guide to Building Relationships with your Government Representatives." To view the guide, click CSPWA_A_Guide_to_Building_Relationships_with_your_Government_Representatives.pdf.

2023 NCEC Facts on School Funding