Staff & Council



Siobhan Allen - Executive Director

I am the mother of two grown up children who attended Catholic schools in the Perth Hills. They have now moved out into the post school world armed with the gifts they received as part of their Catholic education and although they have finished school, I continue to volunteer on both schools Advisory Council/Board.

I am currently the Executive Director of Catholic School Parents WA and have been with the organisation for 13 years. I commenced with the organisation in the role of Liaison Officer which enabled me to connect with parents in Catholic schools throughout the state predominantly through their P&Fs. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about what is important to parents in the Catholic school system and how to subsequently advocate on their behalf.

In 2016 I was privileged to be promoted into the role of Executive Director where I continue to ensure that the parent perspective is heard in all conversations pertaining to learning and wellbeing. I am passionate about a parents right to choose the education that best meets their children’s needs and seek to form relationships and partnerships with those who can enable this.


Jennifer Cotton - Finance Officer

I have two children in our local Catholic primary school and am currently the Treasurer of my children's school P&F. I am an Accountant (FIPA) with over 15 years working experience in both commercial and not for profit sectors.

As a parent I am very committed to my own school community, volunteering both in the school, as a member of the P&F executive, as well as also volunteering at my local parish. I feel it is very important for my children to see me volunteering for the sake of the common good and hopefully it will encourage them to do the same.


Nicole Beresford - Liaison Officer

I have two sons who attend both Primary and Secondary Catholic Schools. I am currently the President of my school’s P&F, and prior to that was the Vice President for 2 years and the Secretary for 2 years. I joined the P&F as soon as my son started kindy as I wanted to learn more about the school, their plans and direction and to have the opportunity to get to know the Leadership Team. I have stayed year after year as I find it so rewarding and I’ve formed some amazing relationships with the other parents at our school, and other community organisations who have supported and attended our school events.

I applied for position at CSPWA as I was aware of the great work they do in the advocacy and representation space. I was very keen to be part of an organisation that represents the parent perspective and can support parents to be involved in their child’s school and help build that wonderful sense of community that so many of our schools have.



Marina Hayward - President

I am Marina Hayward, the president of CSPWA.  I have had children in Catholic Schools in WA for 22 years with my youngest child currently in Year 12.   My involvement in my children’s schools has led me in several directions, however namely it has presented me with the opportunity to sit on this state council for 10 years – initially PFFWA and more recently the accurately named Catholic School Parents Western Australia.

I am the proud mother of 4 children, three who have graduated from Catholic Schools who these days are gainfully employed respectively as an architect, a PR & marketing officer and an apprentice electrician.   I have no doubt that the Catholic School education received has played a pivotal role in their development as all-rounded individuals, with the ability to productively contribute in a meaningful way to society.


Belinda Stewart - Vice President

I have two children attending both Primary and Secondary Catholic Schools. I have been on council since 2020. I have been involved with the inception of the P&F at St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School and am very passionate about the parent voice in schools and working collaboratively as a team with the school community to ensure the best outcomes for the children.

In my day job I work in the areas of compliance, cyber and workforce management, these skills are highly transferrable to the work we do at CSPWA. I really enjoy working with our team who are always striving to represent families in Catholic Education and in turn foster welcoming communities in Catholic Schools.


Richard Bone - Treasurer

I have comprehensive Board leadership experience and is a Graduate of the Company Directors Course. He served on the Executive Committee of the WA Internet Association for 6 years including 2 years as President. During this time, I served as a Director of the national Internet Industry Association. My NFP experience includes serving on the Board of Ruah Community Services for 8 years including 2 years as Board Chair. I also served on the Board/Advisory Council of my children's school for 13 years including 8 years as Chair. 

I have corporate leadership experience having led a software company for 18 years. I am currently founder of a HR-tech start-up MATCHD, applying psychometric assessments to matching the right people with the right jobs.


Anna Wood - Secretary


Kate Price - Councillor

I have three children in both Primary and Secondary Catholic Schools. I initially became involved in P&F committee’s when my eldest started school at St Mary’s in Kalgoorlie serving as President prior to moving to Perth.

I’m a firm believer in not only being involved in your children’s education but to also volunteer both within and outside our school communities to enrich, grow and engage.

I originally joined the council to gain a better understanding of how we can not only help our children, schools and communities but also how we can influence many differing groups to better support the growth and sustainability of the system.

In my professional life I work as a  Senior Metallurgist so spend my time both in Perth and the beautiful Pilbara.Our family has been able to make some lifelong friends through all our school communities and I’m hoping that I get to meet many new catholic school families through the council.


Catherine Howarth - Councillor


Lesley Pascuzzi - Councillor 

I am a mum of 3 all who attend Catholic Primary School. I joined council in 2022 to bring a voice to the subject of mental health and wellness of our parents. Having launched initiatives in this area at our school, I believe there is a lot we can do to start a conversation and keep looking at ways to improve the mental health of each other. 


Alan Buckley - Councillor (Diocese of Bunbury)

My name is Alan Buckley, originally from Limerick in Ireland. I am married to Kellie and we live with our three sons in Bunbury. Our youngest is the only one left at school and attends a secondary Catholic School where I have served on the P&F for the last six years.

I joined for the same reason most parents join, I was talked into it by someone else, but in that time I have learned that children do better when parents continue to be engaged throughout their children’s years at school. Put simply if they see you are engaged they are more likely to be engaged.

I have been on council for 3 years and serve as CSPWA’s representative on RREAC. Working with both our school P&F and the CSPWA council have been incredibly rewarding experiences and in particular I am grateful to have played a part in funding long term teen mental health initiatives.


Michelle McIntosh - Councillor (Diocese of Geraldton)

Living in a remote town in the northwest of WA, it is important to me to ensure that we have a voice for our community and families. I have been on the P&F of both my children's Primary and Secondary schools for the past 9 years, and have held numerous roles over this time period. 


Wayne Bull - Ex Officio Councillor

(CEWA Representative)

I am the Deputy Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA).

As a father of two children who teach in Catholic schools, as well as grandfather of seven, six of whom attend WA Catholic schools, I have both a professional and personal interest in ensuring that the Christ-centred and child-focused vision of Catholic education is realised. Importantly, I have always recognised the vital role that parents, and families play as each child’s most influential educator.

During my 40 years of service in Catholic education I have been a Catholic secondary principal for almost 20 years and a former President of the Catholic Secondary Principals’ Association of WA, been a member of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia, the Religious Education and Curriculum Committee and the School Resources Committee.

I am currently Chair of the Lasallian Mission Council for the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and New Guinea as well as an active member of my local Parish Council.


Fr George Kolodziej - Ex Officio Councillor

(Priest Advisor)

I am Congregational Leader of the Salvatorians in Australia, Chaplain at CEWA, priest advisor for CSPWA, council member of the CYM Committee of Management and a registered Clinical Psychotherapist/Counsellor.

From 1997–2000 I worked as chaplain at Chisholm College and from 2000-2007 as chaplain at St Leo’s Catholic College, Wahroonga NSW. I hold two Master’s degrees in Theology and in Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care. I worked for many years in a recovery centre for drug addicts and alcoholics in NSW during which time I was also involved in youth ministry and WYD pilgrimages.